A fitbit and UberEats mashup


Design Research, Visual Design, Branding,

Experience Design, User Interface Design, Video Making

Project Type



Haakon Faste




2 weeks


Sketch, Illustrator, Keynote, Premiere

FitEat is a product that helps busy people keep a healthy diet and reach their fitness goals by suggesting and delivering healthy meals that based on their health data.

Objective: Interaction Mashup

This project is about designing a new app that combines two non-obviously related existing apps in a way that modifies people’s behavior. 

A healthy diet for busy people

I started off with some problems I experienced.


  • I'm a beginner in fitness, and I want to get professional advice on training and eating.

  • I'm very busy with school and I don't have much time for cooking, so my diet heavily relies on food delivery apps and pre-made food. 

  • The healthy food options on existing delivery apps are very limited.

  • Although I'm using fitbit to help me with managing health data, it's still difficult for me to calculate the calorie intake.

What if I mashup and redesign the apps I'm using every day?


Learnings from UberEats and fitbit

To have a better understanding of UberEATS and fitbit, I researched and analyzed about both products. 


UberEATS is an online meal ordering and delivery platform.


  • Recommend restaurants according to users' preferences

  • Real-time delivery tracking

  • Delivery faster than its competitors

Opportunity Areas

  • Lack of health information of food


Fitbit is a wearable activity tracker. It also offers a lifestyle app that shows the synced data and helps users achieve their fitness goals.


  • The wearable sensor makes data input easier.

  • Tracking fitness statistics

  • Motivate users with social elements.


Opportunity Areas

  • Users have to manually log food they have eaten. It creates difficulty when calculating the calorie intake. 

How might we

Analyze and utilize health data better?

Find an easier way to calculate the calorie intake?


Smart food delivery platform

After researched about both apps, I landed on the idea of a smart delivery platform, which analyzes user's health data and suggests food to the user.

Mashup and redesign

To design the flow and the wireframes, I referred to the UI and the interactions of the two existing apps. 

Product Features

Suggesting food according to health data

To utilize the health data better and offer more direct dietary instruction to the users, fiteat recommends food and restaurant from the calculation and analyzation of user's health data.

Seeing calorie when ordering

To visualize the calorie count, I designed a calorie bar. It shows the total calorie of the food in the cart and it helps with controlling calorie intake when ordering food. It also simplifies the calorie log in process.

Calorie control


Fiteat will send you a warning if the food in your cart exceeds the calorie count limit. This helps people control their calorie intake.

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