Airby - Airbnb voice assistant

A proactive packing experience

Packing for travel can be a hassle. It's easy for us to forget the essentials until we really need them.

Our goal of this project is to design a conversational interface that makes packing for your Airbnb trips feel less stressful and more personalized.


Design Research, Visual Design,

Branding, Experience Design,

Conversational Interface Design


Alexis Bustos

Agni Murthy

Yang Hong



Catherine Herdlick

Lily Cheng



Mar. 1 - Mar. 15

(2 weeks)


Dialog Flow, Adobe XD,

Sketch, Google Home,


What problems do people encounter when they are packing for Airbnb trips? 

"I always forget something when packing..."

--- Rajah, Designer

"What kind of travel adaptor should I bring?"

--- Siyun, College student

"Some countries require certain travel visas."

--- James, College student

We started by mapping the pre-travel journey to understand the context of packing.

We realized that packing includes thinking about what items they should take, locating items and packing item.

Then we created a map of the Airbnb system in order to see what information can be used to improve packing.

How might we facilitate a proactive packing experience with the information that Airbnb have collected?

We prototyped Airby with Dialogflow and Google Home.

Imagine you are going to Brussel for a music festival...

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Airby dialog flowchart

Next Steps

Identify and complete other service areas of Airby voice assistant (booking, questions during the trip, service for visual disability, etc.), create a more coherent and smooth Airbnb user experience.  

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